History Of Thana Malakand Agency

History Of Thana Malakand Agency:-

Thana is from pashtoo word tanra, it is written with nounghuna in pashtoo, it was the place of jirga and therefore it is known as TANRA.

It is the biggest town of Malakand Agency and also the biggest town of the Malakand Division.

The history can be started from 3000 bc which are present at nookano ghund near mora sar.The first Aryan grave yard is also discovered here in 1964 by dr ahmed hassan dani and Dr Munawar Khan of Thana.

the town is populated by 200000 people of which 74000 are registered voters.

It is the highly educated town of Pakistan where the education ratio exceeds to 98%. it is famous for its fruit farms & rice fields. the main tribes are Baba Khail,Bazid KHail,Khanda Khail,Khan khail,Ali Khail Khan koree,Khuwaza Khel,Umar Khel, katoor khail and shamat khail.Amoung all of Them Bazid khail ,Khnada khail, Ali khial these three were brothers.They all belongs to the Yousufzai tribe of pukhtanu. The first school was established in 1898 and it was the only place catering for all the region from lund khawar till chitral.

The whole division was previously Malakand agency inculsive of the princely staes of swat, dir, amb and Chitral.Kalam and upper swat was part of Malaknad Agency till 1969.The college was commissioned in 1964 and now housing 5 colleges.


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